Hello Struggling Songwriter!

Welcome to Stormwind Productions. We are just starting out, and we have high ambitions. Our goal is to be a community and networking platform for songwriters to connect with each other, with other music business parties, and with any other person or organization that wants to support struggling songwriters. To do what? To make countless songs and instrumental tracks, and to make sure the world hears your music. To enable you to make a living with your talents.

When you’re struggling to make ends meet, it can be hard for your creativity and motivation. Stormwind Productions will provide a space where songwriters of all levels are welcome. We all need to be heard, as human beings, and with our music. One thing is sure: we need many people to make it work, you can’t do it all alone. Success and happiness share the same ingredients, they are not the destination, they are the road.

The Stormwind community intends to be your personal GPS on that road for struggling musical talent and their peers. Whether you’re a songwriter, a creative musician, a lyricist (song text writer), or any other person involved, let’s support each other spreading great music all over the world and enabling everyone involved to make money with the music. Let’s make sure that everyone gets access to the resources necessary to produce their music without fear or worry about finances.

The Stormwind Community is intended to allow all music creatives and their peers to support each other on their musical journey. Sometimes life gets in the way, but when you have friends to support you, and that you can support, you are not alone in it anymore. Let’s come together and find ways to make a living doing what inspires you most! If your life feels like you are fighting an uphill battle, it’s time to find the right people for you, set the right goals for you, and walk the right steps every day to come closer to those goals.

It’s the hardest for talented songwriters to get from being unknown struggling talents to become artists who build several income streams – slowly but steadily – and finally make sure they make a living and share their creativity joyfully with the world.

We want every music creator to find there are always opportunities to get a better life. The Stormwind community intends to help you find the right way that works for you, get started, make sure there are people to support and encourage you in creating your best work, and be there for you every step of your journey. No matter what blocks come your way or how hard things get – burn-out, chronic illness, … – let’s discover your own unique way to make a part-time or full-time living doing what really inspires you!

Three important warnings:

  1. Our focus lies on bringing your self-created music into the online world. If you want to find playing opportunities for yourself or your band, or if you do cover music, please find other organizations to help you with that part.
  2. Stormwind Productions will not do your work for you. You will have to do all your work yourself. We will guide you to be your best self, to be the best artist you can be, to find the best way to joy and success, and to find the best people to support you on that way. That means of course that you yourself will also guide the friends in your success team to be their best self (they are not you), to encourage them to be their own original definition of an artist (as they have other talents, or other ways to work with the same talents), to support them on their unique way to their definition of success, and that you empower them by adding your strengths to their own.
  3. This also means that every person in this community will always remain free to keep struggling, to stubbornly think they already know themselves and their strengths, to believe their lives can change by doing things only their own way, and they don’t need no one else, and will not spill their talents on helping other people shine. But these people should know just one thing: this is not the place to whine and complain.

Let’s be Stronger Together

This is the place to boldly change your life until you can make it work, working your way through fear and setbacks, because no matter what we do in this world there will always be some struggle, even if you are doing the right things. You just don’t have to do it alone. Stronger Together is our motto, and it works. We will enable you to make it work.

Stormwind encourages you to discover and then focus on doing what works, with what you already have. Every day, even in the darkest times, You can always, always, always do something, set one more step that brings you closer to live a life more free, with more joy, and fewer worries.

Roel van Veldt, struggling songwriter on the way of joy.

Want to join an amazing community of like-minded creatives? We’re seeking people with passion and creativity! Share a bit about yourself below, what gives you joy, and what holds you back. Let’s make this world better together with music. You can also send me a message to roel@stormwind.be.

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